5 Myths About Assisted Living Community Life

Myth #1: If I live in an assisted living community, I give up all my privacy.

There are options for the type of housing you can select. Some communities offer single-family homes. In others, you can have an apartment with or without a kitchenette. You may even be able to share with another resident if you choose.

Your privacy is respected by staff, visitors, and other residents. People are asked to knock before entering even if the door is open.  There are common areas for visiting with others and for dining and participating in activities if you desire

Myth #2: I’d be lonely if I live in an assisted living community.

Nursing home staff encourage residents to meet other residents and make friends. There are daily activities in which residents can participate if they want. Anything from exercise and games to movies and presentations by visiting lecturers and musicians. The staff strives to offer varied activities to meet the needs of all residents.

Family and friends are welcome anytime and are even invited to join you for meals.

Myth #3: I won’t like assisted living meals or eating in a dining room with others.

Food service is resident-centered for healthful, nutritious meals. There are menu choices to suit all tastes. Assisted living community follow guidelines from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. These guidelines address the food value, flavor, and appearance. It’s required that food be nutritious, tasty, attractive, and at the proper temperature.

The dining rooms are bright and cheery and residents have a choice of when they want to eat, as well as where they want to eat. If you want to, you can eat in your room or apartment or even invite others to dine with you.

Myth #4: I’ll lose all my independence if I live in an assisted living community.

No one likes to think they have to depend on someone other than themselves as they get older. Sometimes because of illness or disability, it becomes harder to perform the everyday tasks we once took for granted. However, assisted living communities do not completely take independence away. They help maintain and encourage the mental, as well as physical strength of their residents. The activity directors encourage mental stimulation and social interaction in addition to activities that help maintain and build physical abilities. We agree that residents are happier when they are more independent and assisted living facilities encourage this.

Myth #5: If I move to an assisted living community, I’ll have to give up my hobbies and my friends.

Most often, seniors are even more active when living in a community than when they lived alone. Most assisted living communities have programs that encourage participation in the hobbies residents enjoyed in their previous home. Even hobbies such as gardening can be pursued at an assisted living facility. Studies show that those who are active and engaged are healthier and happier. Varied activity programs give all residents options and residents can choose those that appeal to them. Activity directors are open to suggestions for hobbies that may not currently be offered.

Friends and family are always welcomed to visit you, or you can plan an excursion with them outside the community.

Myths like these are often the reasons that seniors are reluctant to even talk about moving away from their homes. Be sure to address these concerns directly by bringing them up in a discussion about assisted living. When visiting and touring communities with loved ones, ask the staff about these issues to bring them out into the open and dispel them.

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