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10 Easy Yoga Poses for Seniors

If you’re looking for a gentle, effective workout that comes with health benefits for seniors, try yoga! It can boost your strength, balance, posture, and flexibility while also relaxing your mind. But if you’re new to yoga, getting started might seem intimidating. That’s why you need to learn these easy yoga poses for seniors who want a great, safe workout.

1. Downward Dog

This yoga pose is perfect for improving flexibility, strength and joint health. Just get on your hands and knees, and then push your hips high enough in the air to make a triangle shape with your body. Hold this pose for about eight breaths, inhaling and exhaling the whole time, and then lower your body down.

2. Mountain Pose

The mountain pose is one of the easier yoga poses for seniors who want to improve their balance and posture. Start by standing with straight legs and feet together, toes spread out. Then focus on pulling in your abdominal muscles, pushing your shoulder blades back and contracting your leg muscles while you hold the pose. Keep your knees over your ankles and your hips over your knees. Hold the pose for up to eight breaths.

3. Tree Pose

If you want to improve your abdominal and leg strength, try the tree pose. Start by standing on a mat, and then bend your left leg up and place the foot on your right leg near the knee. You should be standing on one leg, with the other leg open to the side. Place your hands in a prayer position and keep this pose for eight breaths.

4. Chair Pose

If you want to improve cardio health, the chair pose is a good start. Begin by standing with your feet together, and then swing your arms up above your head as you bend your knees so your chest and thighs form a right angle. Basically, you should look and feel like you’re about to sit in a chair. Hold this pose for eight breaths. If you can’t balance in the chair pose on your own, you can lean against a wall until you get better at this pose.

5. Low Lunge

If you’ve done lunges before, you’re familiar with how the low lunge yoga pose looks. This pose can stretch out your muscles while relieving tension in your body, and it’s simple enough for yoga beginners. Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and arms hanging down at your sides. Step forward with your right foot, bending your right knee until it’s just over the ankle. Keep your left leg behind you and lower that knee to the ground, staying in this position while you inhale and press your hands toward the ceiling. Then exhale and lift up to the starting position after eight breaths.

6. Warrior Pose

The warrior pose can improve the strength of your hips and legs. Most seniors need a wall for balance at first, but eventually you can work up to doing it without the wall. Start out looking at a wall, with one leg stretched back behind you—toes pointing to the side—and the other in front of you so the toes touch the wall. Keep your hips square and put your arms out and up against the wall. As you exhale, bend your front leg at the knee so it’s almost at a right angle while the other leg stays straight, and inhale as you straighten the front leg. Hold the pose for eight breaths and repeat with the other leg in front.

7. Bridge

One of the easy yoga poses for seniors that can improve balance and muscle strength is the bridge position. You start by lying on your back, with your feet on the floor hip-width apart and your knees bent. With your arms straight down your sides and your shoulders pressed against the floor, contract the muscles in your abdomen and quads as you lift your hips up toward the ceiling. Keep this position for eight breaths, and then lower your hips back to the floor.

8. Sphinx

Some of the best yoga poses for seniors involve lying down, and the sphinx pose is one example. This position can increase the strength of your upper back. Begin by lying on your stomach with your forearms touching the floor. Press down through the arms while pulling your shoulder blades together, and then contract your abdominals. Hold the pose for eight breaths.

9. Legs Up the Wall

If you’re looking for some easy yoga poses for seniors where you can sit down as you reap health benefits like better blood circulation for the heart, try the legs-up-the-wall pose. Start by sitting with one side of the body pressed against a wall. Then lower your back down to the floor as you move your legs up the wall so the backs of them are against it flat. Hold this pose for at least eight breaths, and then swing your legs back to the floor.

10. Savasana

Finally, finish the workout with the savasana, which can relax both the body and mind. Lie on your back and slowly relax every muscle in your body as you focus on inhaling and exhaling. Do this for at least eight breaths, or until you’re fully relaxed.

You can do all of these easy yoga poses for seniors in one session, or you can try a few per day to start. Additionally, if you have limited mobility and are not sure if you can safely complete all these poses, ask your doctor before you start a yoga routine. Regardless of how many you try, you’ll reap the rewards of getting more active through these relaxing, easy yoga poses for seniors.

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