5 Common Dementia Symptoms

5 Common Dementia Symptoms

Dementia is a term that describes symptoms affecting the brain since dementia symptoms can impair memory, communication and thought. Though a variety of diseases can lead to dementia, the most common one is Alzheimer’s disease, which makes up about 70 percent of dementia cases. In the US alone, up to about five million people suffer from dementia. If you’re wondering if your loved one may be part of this group, take note of the most common dementia symptoms and then start looking into the resources that are available to help.

1. Memory Loss

One of the most noticeable symptoms of dementia is memory loss. People with dementia might have trouble remembering names and faces, or they might not recall the plans they had for the next day. This memory loss could lead to them losing items constantly because they don’t remember where they put their keys or phone. This is a pretty early symptom of dementia, and it tends to get worse as the underlying condition progresses.

2. Trouble Finding the Right Words

Along the same lines as memory loss, difficulty finding the right words in a conversation is a common dementia symptom. People with dementia may struggle in conversations because they keep forgetting words or phrases to describe things, or they might frequently forget what they were talking about. For this reason, you might notice that conversations with people who have dementia can be confusing and take longer than they used to.

3. Mood Changes

It’s common for people with dementia to have a slightly different personality than they once did. This is because mood changes often come along with dementia. For example, someone with dementia may become depressed or anxious as the underlying condition worsens. Different aspects of their demeanor can also change, as someone who was once shy can become more outgoing. Similarly, someone who used to seem carefree might now seem nervous as the dementia sets in.

4. Loss of Interest

Another common symptom is loss of interest in activities the person with dementia once loved. For example, if an older relative used to golf once a week, you might find that he or she now frequently skips tee times in favor of staying home and doing nothing. Even if your loved one was never into hobbies, you might notice they would rather stay home than spend time with friends or family members. Additionally, when you do see him or her, you might notice a more apathetic mood overall, since people with dementia often lose the passion or strong opinions they may have once had.

5. Difficulty Completing Regular Tasks

One of the most common dementia symptoms is trouble getting daily tasks done without help. For instance, someone who used to have no problems balancing a checkbook or cooking a simple recipe might suddenly struggle to get these jobs done. As dementia gets worse, many people may struggle to brush their own hair or teeth without help. You might only realize this once you start seeing their hygiene go downhill, as personal grooming is often the first task to go as dementia sets in.

In general, for someone to have dementia, at least two core mental functions need to be affected by symptoms. These functions could include memory, communication, judgment or focus. If you have a loved one who displays some of these common dementia symptoms, it’s time to see a doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment. Once that occurs, you should look for assistance from professionals who have the means to care for him or her.

You can rely on the Aurum Network for help during this process. Contact us today for assistance finding the senior care services you need for your loved one.

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