6 Stimulating Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients

You may find it difficult to come up with good things to do with a patient or loved one who has Alzheimer’s. You may worry that something you do could upset them or think that a lot of things involve too much movement or seem too pointless. The funny thing is, there is a multitude of activities that are not only entertaining for someone with Alzheimer’s but stimulating and healthy for them.

Game Time

Some games are better than others. The best games to choose are the ones that are simple with few complex rules to remember. Dominos, for example, is a good idea because not only is it satisfying setting everything up, but it is a pretty straightforward game. The idea of simplicity is the same for games like tops or jacks or even horseshoes. Another game that is both entertaining and stimulating is hangman because it allows them to use their brains and the more solid aspects of their memory.

Puzzles are also a good activity for someone with Alzheimer’s. You don’t have to finish the puzzle or even come close, but it is a good opportunity to spend time with them, doing a simple but engaging task. It is important to make sure that they are having fun and not getting frustrated. If you are sensing frustration, it may be time to switch.


This doesn’t just include the singular idea of gardening. There are plenty of activities involved in this that can be engaging for you and your loved one. The act of planting seeds and watering plants is a rather mindless but satisfying task for anyone. Planting a tree to care for will help to give them a good sense of responsibility and weeding a garden can be a calming and entertaining task with a good outcome. Even the act of organizing flower pots around the deck or around the garden is a good chance to give a sense of success. This feeling of completion can be difficult for people who struggle with memory to achieve. If constant bending down in a garden is too much or there is no work to be done in flower pots, walking around the garden or going to a botanical garden is a good chance to get out of the house and enjoy nature.

Cleaning and Organizing

The act of organizing a house or cleaning it up is very satisfying for someone with Alzheimer’s and gives them tasks that they can complete with ease and success. The repetitive nature of folding towels or laundry, or cleaning and sorting silverware is very soothing and allows for a sense of achievement when it’s finished with. Even sweeping the patio, raking leaves, washing windows, or wiping down counters can be a good activity because it is work that they can do and feel good about doing.

All Things Food

Whether cooking, baking, or preparing food, they are worthwhile activities with a procedure and outcome that someone can follow. Cooking or baking simple things like cookies, pies, or even homemade bread with easy to follow recipes is a good activity to spend time with them in a purposeful way. Baking a batch of cupcakes and decorating them can be both a fun and satisfying activity for both you and your loved one. Even simpler things like making lemonade, fruit salad, or sandwiches, can be entertaining as well and pass the time. Making homemade ice cream is also a good way to get your loved one moving while doing something more unique and out of the ordinary that they may not have done before.

Arts and Crafts

These are fun for everyone, and it’s no different for someone with Alzheimer’s. Coloring pages are a fun and satisfying way to spend the time, and they are often as fun to look at once they’ve been finished as they are to do. Other ideas can include cutting pictures out of magazines or greeting cards, making a collage, or cutting out paper butterflies. You can make a collage out of pictures of you and your loved one or make a scrapbook of the family to give them something sentimental to look through. For holiday ideas you can make cards and decorate them to send out to people or even decorate a pumpkin on Halloween.


Reading chapters out of their favorite books can be both soothing a familiar to someone and gives you a good chunk of time to spend together. Even if you aren’t reading books together, there are other fun things that you can do involving books and magazines. Go through clothing catalogs and look at all the pictures or look through comic books together. A good activity could also be starting a journal together. It’ll give you something to do together as you record your fun activities and give you something to read back to them at later dates.


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