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8 Foods That Help Seniors Stay Hydrated in the Summer Heat

Summer’s high temperatures and direct sunlight can put you at risk of dehydration. Conventional wisdom says that you should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. In reality, the amount of water that you need to consume depends on several factors, such as the temperature and your body type.

If drinking multiple glasses of water each day sounds like a burden, then you may want to add these eight foods to your diet. They can help you stay hydrated in the summer heat.


Cucumbers don’t offer much nutritional value, but they’re full of water. In fact, 96 percent of the flavorful gourd is water. The rest is mainly fiber.

With so much water, cucumbers contain very few calories. Half a cup of sliced cucumber will only add 7.8 calories to your diet, so feel free to munch on them throughout the day.

Chomping on cucumbers may not sound very tasty to some people. You can make it more palatable by dipping it in low-fat dressing. Cucumber also adds a wonderful flavor to tap water. By putting cucumbers in water, you’re practically guaranteed to stay hydrated this summer.


Like cucumbers, iceberg lettuce is 97 percent water. Iceberg lettuce has even fewer calories than cucumbers. An entire cup of shredded lettuce only contains 10.1 calories.

There are plenty of healthy salad recipes. You can spice up your snack by adding grated carrots, radishes, and cilantro. Add a slice of avocado for a nutritional boost and plenty of good fat.


Try to chop a watermelon into individual portions, and you’ll quickly learn where the fruit got its name. As soon as your knife penetrates the hard exterior, juice starts flowing down the rind.

Watermelon has a naturally sweet taste, so you can enjoy it as a treat. A sprinkle of salt will enhance the flavor. Don’t add too much salt, though, or you could counter watermelon’s hydrating effects.


It’s difficult to beat the flavor of a summer tomato that ripened on the vine. The ones from the supermarket taste pretty good, but nothing beats a tomato from a local farmer’s market or your own garden.

Some people like to eat tomatoes on their own. If that doesn’t sound pleasant to you, add slices to a sandwich or add chopped tomatoes to a salad.

Unlike many of the foods on this list, tomatoes will benefit you nutritionally while helping you stay hydrated. A cup of cherry tomatoes contains 32 percent of your daily vitamin C and 25 percent of your daily vitamin A.


Celery’s satisfying crunch comes from water-filled cells that run through the stem. You can make the vegetable more enjoyable by covering it in peanut butter or placing it in a drink.

Many people, however, enjoy eating raw celery. It can keep for more than a week in the refrigerator, and it travels easily. Pack a small container of celery the next time you go to the pool or beach. This snack will keep you hydrated and filled.


This well-hydrated members of the Brassica genus have remarkable qualities that make it perfect for many dishes.

If you think you don’t like cauliflower, try recipes that turn it into a spicy taco filling, pizza topping, cauliflower steaks or even a vegan “cheese” sauce. You might think these options sound weird, but you’ll change your mind once you explore cauliflower recipes from around the world.


Grapes might just be the perfect snack food. They’re small, portable and delicious. Farmers grow a wide range of varieties, so you can almost certainly find a type that you’ll enjoy.

For a special treat, keep some grapes in the freezer. You can use them instead of ice cubes to cool your drinks. As the grapes thaw, they’ll slowly add more flavor to your drink. It’s a fun, interesting way to squeeze in some extra hydration into your day.

Bell Peppers

Just think of all the delicious things that you can do with bell peppers. You can eat them raw, roast them over an open flame or chop them into slices for a salad. No matter how you choose to eat the peppers, you’ll get a good dose of hydration from your meal.

Keep in mind that not all peppers have hydrating powers. Chomping on a jalapeno, for instance, will make you sweat so much that you might actually get dehydrated!

Stick with basic bell peppers to get 317 percent of your daily vitamin C and 22 percent of your daily vitamin B6, and to keep your body hydrated during the summer months.

Whether it’s the height of summer or the dead of winter, you should always make sure you drink plenty of water so you can keep your body hydrated.

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