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Caregiving: A Noble Vocation

Are you caring for an elderly parent or other relative? If so, you are not alone. Many people today are elder-caregivers and they fall into one or more of four different categories:

The Sandwich Generation Caregiver

The Sandwich Generation Caregiver is “sandwiched” between caring for their own children as well as for one or more aging parents. These men and women may also be working a full- or part-time job and they struggle with the challenge of balancing the care needs of the elderly as well as the young in their care.

The Working Caregiver

The Working Caregiver is more often than not female and she may be struggling with the necessity of having to quit her job to care for a loved one. It may seem an impossible task to ensure that all is taken care of in the face of caregiving and work obligations colliding on a daily basis.

The Long-Distance Caregiver

The Long-Distance Caregiver may be living in a different city or state than the person being cared for. Caregivers may have financial responsibilities, as well as making sure medical care and personal needs are taken care of.

The Spousal Caregiver

The Spousal Caregiver takes care of a husband or wife who is seriously ill or disabled and must address how to handle altered roles in the marriage, as well as intimacy challenges.

Some caregivers begin by assisting a loved one with financial matters or housecleaning, preparing meals, or driving them to and from doctor’s appointments. Or caregiving responsibilities may include personal care such as assisting with bathing, getting dressed, and going to the bathroom.

Caregivers are an invaluable source of physical, emotional, and spiritual support for those in their care. However, caregivers need to take care of themselves as well. Take time to address your own needs and get help so that you don’t have to do it all. Being a caregiver can be very rewarding. Be proud of the help you are giving and the life you are enhancing, just by being there.

If you want to know more about being a family caregiver, go to www.agingcare.com, where you will find a wealth of caregiver resources and support.

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