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Continuing Education for Seniors…

Continuing Education for Seniors…Learning is Life Long

There are many options for continuing education, even for those who are in their senior years. Colleges and universities offer reduced tuition or free classes for seniors.

Museums, too, may offer low-cost or free classes at their location on many topics of interest.

But … individuals with physical limitations can find it difficult or even impossible to get to a college campus or museum. Many of the learning opportunities may be at night and reduced tuition can still be out of reach for some elderly people. Online courses are available, but not all seniors own a computer or know how to access the appropriate programs.

Fortunately there are some options for those who yearn for opportunities to learn. Lifelong learning programs sponsored by local Councils on Aging where seniors may already be attending activities are offering more and more classes. Often taught by volunteers, these classes may include topics as varied as psychology, classical music, women’s issues, and nuclear energy!

Intellectually-stimulating classes are also offered at assisted living facilities as well … an added benefit to living in a group setting where activities, events, and classes are geared to seniors who want to stimulate their minds and bodies. These opportunities give seniors opportunities to flex their minds and provide benefits for both social and mental stimulation.

The desire to learn never really leaves us. And exercising one’s brain may even help prevent or delay the onset of dementia. Alzheimer’s researchers have focused on possible ways to slow this degenerative disease. Some studies have shown that in addition to diet, exercise, and social connections, keeping the brain alert may help to lower the risk of cognitive decline.

Regardless of the possible effects on brain aging, lifelong learning that respects the intellectual capacity of seniors and is convenient for them is welcomed by seniors. Sue Gertman, chair of the National Institute of Senior Centers, has been quoted as saying, “We all need a reason to get up and moving in the morning, and brain boosting programs provide such a purpose.”

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