Marva Serotkin has been the president and CEO of The Boston Home since 1997.

Marva Serotkin Head ShotShe was inspired at a young age by U.S. President John F. Kennedy to make a difference, choosing to focus on public health and community health, and said what first drew her to The Boston Home was how it shared these values.

The Boston Home is in a special position as one of a handful of facilities in the country that focuses on adults with progressive neurological diseases, primarily Multiple Sclerosis. Under Marva’s leadership, The Boston Home has embraced new technologies to restore independence and quality of life to residents. She has expanded its role as an educational center, drawing in students from a variety of disciplines and institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Boston Home Institute is the educational, research and advocacy arm of TBH.

“It’s meaningful for residents to be involved with students,” she said. “They give feedback about what technology can do to help them, and students are able to create things that can help people as a result.”

Marva is overseeing the development of an on-site affordable housing residence on The Boston Home campus for adults with disabilities such as MS. This will allow individuals to live independently while remaining close to the services they want.

Also under Marva’s leadership, staff development became a core focus for the entire organization.

“We really put a lot of effort into our staff, both for the benefit of our residents as well as their development as professionals,” said Marva. She’s proud to say The Boston Home’s turnover rate falls under 10 percent annually. She said part of this success comes from a focus on training, including cross training, to  encourage career mobility, such as helping CNAs become certified nurses.

Marva, who has a master’s degree in public health from Yale, began her career in what was then known as the Boston Department of Health and Hospitals. She is the former CEO of the Shattuck Hospital in Boston, president and CEO of the Cura Visiting Nurse Association and held executive positions in Symmes Hospital in Arlington, Carney Hospital in Boston, and the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Boston.

A member of the American Health Care Association, she is a past president of the Massachusetts Public Health Care Association and Mass Senior Care Association. She chairs both the Board of Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation and Codman Square Health Center.

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