Meet Bill Bogdanovich

bill-bogdanovich1Early in his career, William J. Bogdanovich found himself frustrated with the rigid hierarchies present in many long-term care facilities and nursing homes. It’s a lesson he hasn’t forgotten since he became the president and CEO of Broad Reach Healthcare and Liberty Commons in 2010.

“I started as a dishwasher and worked my way through a lot of different positions,” said Bill. “I couldn’t believe how many people didn’t seem to like their jobs, even though they loved the residents and were committed to taking care of them.”

That experience stuck with Bill. He believes that a collaborative effort is essential to providing residents and their families with the highest quality of service that can take things from good to great. That requires providing Broad Reach employees with the best working experience possible, as well as involving them in decision making processes to overcome challenges and problems. New employees are provided with clear instructions and processes to give them a solid foundation for how Liberty Commons functions.

“We can’t ignore our staff’s own perceptions and ideas for how to address issues, rather than go with the easier route of an approach that could have just come from a corporate office conference room. That kind of approach doesn’t respect the person who is closer to the work and it ignores their insight,” said Bill.

Bill’s career started when he was in high school cleaning a hot kitchen three hours every day after school for about $2.50 an hour. He worked his way up through housekeeping, maintenance and worked as a CNA one summer. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Management at Bentley College and a Certificate of Special Studies in Management & Administration from Harvard University Extension. He later returned to school to earn his Master of Organizational Development at Bowling Green State University in 2009.

In 1986, Bill first came to the Cape with the intention of opening a home health agency but ended up getting more involved in the nursing home instead. Bill joined Liberty Commons in 1987, became its administrator and grew to take on other roles as the Chatham organization grew, including Director of Operations in 1989.

Under Bill’s leadership Broad Reach has developed into a community of care on Cape Cod. Broad Reach now spans three decades of service which includes Liberty Commons Rehabilitation and Skilled Care Center, an outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic, the Victorian Assisted Living Residence and Broad Reach Hospice and Palliative Care.

Broad Reach is dedicated to redefining excellence in the delivery of post-acute and community-based services.

Today Bill is active on both the state and national level for senior care. He currently chairs the board of the Mass Senior Care Association, which is the state affiliate of the American Health Care Association. He also serves on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Informal Dispute Resolution committee, the American College of Healthcare Administrators board and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Special Legislative Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Aging.

He is proud of his work at Liberty Commons and stands by the service he and other staff members perform.

“We rely on the collective ability of the staff to help patients, residents and their families take difficult things and make them something they can still feel good about,” said Bill. “Taking care of people is not a transactional experience where you just cover a bunch of tasks and responsibilities. You need to find out what’s important to the person and you need a critical mass of talented people with well-rounded skills to make great things happen.”

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