Planning a Mother's Day Celebration in an Assisted Living Community

Planning a Mother’s Day Celebration in an Assisted Living Community

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to celebrate the mothers in your life. If your mother, grandmother or another special woman you know is currently in an assisted living community, you might feel a little limited on your options for a Mother’s Day celebration. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip this holiday altogether. You can still show your mother how much you appreciate her by hosting a Mother’s Day celebration in her assisted living community. Here’s how to get started on planning the event so it turns out great.

Get in Touch With Staff

You can plan for the Mother’s Day celebration to be a surprise if you’d like, or you can let your mom know what to expect if she likes to feel prepared. But either way, you should let the assisted living community staff know about your plans. This way, you’ll be sure you’re not interrupting an important part of the daily routine when you put on your Mother’s Day celebration at the facility.

In fact, the staff members can be instrumental in the planning process. They can let you know which day and time would be best for the celebration, and they can direct you toward the best area for the event. If you’re planning to include other mothers at the assisted living community — not just your own mother — you’ll need the staff’s help inviting them anyway, so it’s a good idea to get them involved from the start.

Decide on the Setting

If you’re throwing a small celebration for your mother, you can probably keep it limited to her bedroom at the assisted living community. But if you want to make it a larger Mother’s Day celebration, with several members of your family or even other moms in the assisted living community, you should start looking for a good spot for the party. Many assisted living communities have an event room that you can reserve, and you can arrange to have sufficient seating and decorations in it.

If May tends to bring beautiful weather where you live, you might want to host your Mother’s Day celebration outside. You can take a walk around the assisted living community ahead of time to scout out an area that would be perfect for your party. If there’s a patio with tables and chairs, this might be the right area to set up. If not, consider borrowing or renting tables and chairs that you can put in a breathtaking part of the community — preferably somewhere near blooming flowers or a stunning water feature!

Decide on a Theme

Every event is better with a theme, and your Mother’s Day celebration in an assisted living community is no exception. This theme will guide your décor, plates, napkins, balloons and more, so choose carefully. Of course, you can simply stick with decorations and tableware that say “Happy Mother’s Day” if you’d like.

But you can also go with alternate themes your mom might appreciate. For example, if she loves butterflies, you can find paper plates, balloons, and tablecloths with images of butterflies on them. The same goes for flowers, hearts, specific animals and other popular event themes. You can also choose décor and tableware in your mom’s favorite color. Either way, focusing on your mother’s favorite theme or color can make your Mother’s Day celebration as personal as possible.

Plan the Menu

No Mother’s Day celebration is complete without food! You can keep it simple with appetizers, or you might plan a full breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mother’s Day brunch is another popular choice. As you plan the menu, consider what your mother’s favorite foods are, as well as how many people you’re feeding and what your budget is.

No matter what foods you plan for the event, don’t forget dessert. If the party is just for your own mother, consider having a custom cake made for her. If you’re inviting all the mothers at the assisted living community, they might appreciate a more general Mother’s Day cake or cupcakes. Cookies, pie and ice cream are all great dessert choices for parties, as well. Regardless of your dessert choice, be sure to bring disposable plates and cutlery to make serving it easy on you.

Gift Giving

The final touch for your Mother’s Day celebration should be a present. If you know what your mother wants for this holiday, bring that. If you don’t, at least bring flowers and her favorite sweets. Just don’t show up empty-handed to celebrate Mother’s Day with her this year! And if you can swing it, consider bringing flowers or other small gifts for the mothers in the assisted living community who might not have any visitors on Mother’s Day.

Planning the perfect Mother’s Day celebration in an assisted living community is possible for anyone, especially when your mother is in a community with staff that’s happy to help you prepare for the event. If you’re looking for the right community for your loved one, come to Aurum for help with your search today. We’ll help you find an assisted living community that your mother would be happy to spend Mother’s Day in every year.

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