Staying Physically Active for Seniors

The Power of Staying Physically Active for Seniors

You would think as you grow older, exercise would no longer be a requirement for staying fit… after all, we’ve earned the right to just relax, right? The truth is that as we grow older, physical actively is still important – more important than ever, in fact.

Why is it so important for seniors to stay physically active?

Regular exercise can help boost energy, maintain balance, and strengthen core muscles. Exercise helps seniors stay independent longer and helps manage symptoms of illness or pain. Another benefit: exercise is good for your memory, your mind, and your mood.

Physical Actively Improves Strength and Staying Physically Active for Seniors

Doctors agree that we can’t afford NOT to get moving – no matter our ages. To stay strong, energetic, and healthy as we age, it is important to have exercise in our daily routine. That doesn’t mean we need to go to a gym or participate in strenuous workouts. What is important is that we add more movement and activity … even in small ways. A sedentary lifestyle is not healthy for the elderly (or for anyone, for that matter). Regular physical activity lowers the risk for a variety of conditions, including Alzheimer’s and dementia, heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Regular exercise builds strength and stamina and prevents the loss of bone mass. In fact, it improves balance and reduces the risk of falling. It’s never too late to begin exercising. Those who are chair-bound face special challenges but they can light weights, stretch, and do chair aerobics to increase the range of motion, improve muscle tone, and promote cardiovascular health.

Exercise = Socialize

For many people, especially seniors in assisted living, exercise is a form of socializing. Whether it is a water aerobics class or a walking group. 

Exercising releases mood-boosting endorphins, which can help lessen feelings of depression. Most interesting is the fact that physical activity has been linked to slowing the mental aging process. When you are physically active your entire body, including your brain, receives more blood flow which encourages cell growth. Exercise contributes to better mental health and improved cognitive functioning.

Physical Actively Can Improve Healing

As we age, the healing process takes longer. Active adults who exercise can experience improved healing times and faster recovery after surgery or an injury.

Exercise helps improve physical strength, balance, social interaction and cognitive function. It can lessen stress and improve mood and memory. Encouraging loved ones to stay active will go a long way to making their senior years healthier and more enjoyable.

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