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Summer Activities to Get Seniors Outside

When summer weather starts to roll in, it becomes a priority to spend a fair amount of time outside in the sun and warmth. Especially as you get older, the fresh air and vitamin D in the sun, and even just moving around a bit is great for your health and happiness. But if the summer heat is picking up or you just can’t come up with activities that can get you outside anymore, it can be difficult to find the motivation.

Here are 7 ideas to help get you outside in the nice weather:


Gardening is a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy nature and not only does it brighten up your house and yard, it can even give you fresh fruits and vegetables at different times of the year. Especially if you have difficulty bending down, it’s a fun activity that can require however much movement you want. You can have a yard garden or you can have flower boxes and planters that are raised on a porch, deck, or even around the yard.

Farmer’s Market

Go with family, friends, or even enjoy it by yourself. A farmers market gets you outside and allows you to enjoy the fruits of nature. You can wander through the produce and items being sold or you can indulge and buy a few things to spruce up your menus.


Pool, lake, or calm beach, there are plenty of places to get a little activity and fresh air in the water. Maybe join a water aerobics class or take a weekly swim with a friend. It’s also one of the best ways to spend time with your family because even if you’re all doing different things, playing games, exercising, or swimming leisurely, you get to just enjoy the time with them in and out of the water.

Nature Walk

Enjoyable with friends and family, nature walks get you outside completely immersed and nature and give you the little bit of exercise that is good for your happiness and your health. Listen to the birds, admire the green, or even spend most of the time chatting with who you’re with. It’s a social and peaceful activity that is great for the summer and not too taxing in the heat.


Boating is one of the best activities for getting outside on hot days. As long as you’ve got your sunscreen, the breeze on the water is the perfect remedy for the heat and it’s a peaceful and relaxing activity to do with friends and family. Bring a picnic out with you and just drift on the water. It can be an hour long cruise or even a most of the day event.


What’s better than a picnic on a nice day? You’ve got food, fresh air, nature, and company. It’s the perfect way to spend time with the grandkids and your family and is an excellent idea to get out of the house and make lunch time more fun.


Fishing is a great activity that doesn’t require too much moving but gets you out in the fresh air doing with or without company and help you get the vitamin D that you need keep you from getting cooped up in the house. The breeze on the water will chase away the heat and the view of ponds, lakes, and even the ocean is oftentimes enough reason to get up and out.

Outdoor Theater or Concert

Maybe your community has an outdoor playhouse where you can catch a fun production. Maybe they have movies playing outside at night when the hot air cools down and the stars come out. Or maybe they have bands come out and play in a park or on a pavilion. No matter the event, they’re fun activities that you can do with whoever you want and will brighten up your day.

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