Tanya Livingston: Sport Fan to Mount Pleasant Home Number Cruncher

The end of March 2016, was the beginning of a new adventure for Tanya Livingston, the Director of Administration and Finance at Mount Pleasant Home in Jamaica Plain.

She had spent ten years in the mortgage industry in accounting and human resources, so Mount Pleasant Home was not on her radar as a potential employer … but a friend knew a position was open here and said Tanya would be perfect for it. She encouraged Tanya to apply for it.

“From the minute I walked in the door, I knew that I would love working here. The building is gorgeous and the atmosphere was calming and energizing at the same time,” Tanya said.

After her interview, Tanya said she was very excited. “I felt it went well and the three directors I met were phenomenal. I kept thinking, I really like this place … I’ll probably never get the position!”

However, she did and she has been excited ever since.

“I find the job very rewarding. There is so much going on here and there are many opportunities to meet the residents. I make it a point to get to know everyone at least a little bit. It is routine that the staff and residents mix,” she explained.

“Recently a large group of residents and staff went to a Red Sox game and everyone had a blast! It was so much fun and rewarding for all, even more than we anticipated it would be,” Tanya said. “We got to know each other a little bit differently out of context and that helps build close relationships.”

Tanya likes that Kathy Seaman, Executive Director of Mount Pleasant is open to creative new ideas. For example, while Lynn Muller, Activities Director was out on leave, it was Kathy’s idea to have all managers take on one activity each month – to plan, organize and see it through. When it was Tanya’s turn, she organized a tailgate party to watch the Patriots play! Tanya said, “Maybe we can continue to do this in the future. It was so much fun!”


Outside of Mount Pleasant Home

Tanya Livingston lives in Waltham with her one and only “fur-baby,” a German Shepherd puppy, named Penny. Penny likes to chase bunnies in the yard, and together Tanya and Penny like to go to the ocean and play in the waves. Tanya is passionate about and has been involved in dog rescue activities for more than 15 years. She worked with New England All Retriever Rescue and adopted three of her first four dogs!

Tanya is also passionate about Mount Pleasant Home. “We have an amazing team assembled at Mount Pleasant,” she said. “They are excellent models, providing support as peers for all staff members and caregivers to our residents. My adventure is just beginning and I’ve never been happier!”


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