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Tips for Successful Aging

As life expectancy seems to keep going up, you might be looking forward to living longer than your ancestors did. But you shouldn’t want to just live longer; you should want to live better, meaning you remain in good health for as long as possible. So what’s the secret to successful aging? Well, there are a few ways to get on the path to living a long, healthy life. Consider the following tips for successful aging to get started.

Work Out Your Body

One of the best things you can do for your health is exercise regularly. Just a half hour of exercise every day can reduce your chances of certain health conditions that include stroke, heart disease, diabetes and more. Plus, regular exercise can keep you at a healthy weight, which means you can also avoid the medical issues that obesity causes.

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy the benefits of exercise. Just walking a mile or two every evening after dinner is sufficient to reap the rewards of regular exercise. You can also swim, take a bike ride, dance or do yoga. And if you want to ward off specific health conditions, such as weaker bones, get started with these exercises for osteoporosis.

Work Out Your Brain

Your brain can benefit from a workout just as much as your body can, but it’s a different kind of workout. Just think of your brain as a muscle you have to use so it stays strong over the years. That means forcing your brain to think a little more is a big part of successful aging, especially since doing so can reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease as you get older.

For example, you should complete crossword puzzles, regular puzzles, and brainteasers a few times a week in order to work out your brain. Reading and writing can also help, with journaling having lots of brain-boosting benefits in particular. Some seniors even take college classes so they can continue learning at any age, so consider going back to school if you want a good reason to think more as you get older.

Eat Healthy

One of the most important tips for successful aging is to get a balanced diet. Food can affect the health of both your body and mind, so make sure you eat right. Try to avoid saturated fats, sodium, and sugar as much as possible, and limit or avoid beverages like alcohol and soda.

Now that you know what not to eat, it’s time to consider what you should be eating more of. Lean meats, eggs, nuts, and seeds are good foods to eat daily. But most of your meals and snacks should include at least one serving of fruits and vegetables. For example, if you have eggs for breakfast, make it an omelet filled with your favorite vegetables and a side of fruit. If you have a salad for lunch or dinner, add lean meat and nuts or seeds to it. If you’re not sure if your diet is helping you with successful aging, talk to a doctor or a nutritionist for advice.

Be More Social

The people who live the longest, healthiest lives tend to be social. This means they talk to or do activities with friends or family members on a regular basis. So if you’re often stuck inside the house with no one to talk to, it’s time to change that. Call a friend or family member and make plans to go to the mall, movies or dinner, and try to schedule regular outings you can look forward to.

If you don’t have family or friends nearby, you likely have a local senior center that has activities where you can get to know people around your age. Reach out to the senior center and find out where and when they meet. You’ll likely meet new people you will want to spend time with, which is a big component of successful aging.

Visit Your Doctor Regularly

As you get older, you can’t put off going to the doctor like you might have tried when you were young. It’s more important than ever to go for regular doctor visits, especially if you have any health issues that need to be monitored. And if you ever feel sick, be sure to schedule a doctor appointment to get it checked out immediately.

You should also use preventive care to reduce your odds of getting sick in the first place. Make sure you have all the vaccinations you need, with the flu shot and shingles shot being just a couple of examples. You’ll also find you need to get medical tests done, such as colonoscopies and mammograms, as you age. Don’t put these off if you want the best shot at successful aging.

While aging is a natural process that you can’t—and shouldn’t—stop, there are ways to ensure you enjoy your senior years as much as possible. Keeping your mind and body healthy is a good start. If you need assistance improving your health or feel you can’t accomplish these tips for successful aging alone, contact us today to find out what your options are as you age.

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